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Circul8® - Home of Circular Economy Efficiency

circul8® is a comprehensive software suite to facilitate Circular Economy operations and to manage extended producer responsibility (EPR) obligations. It is modularly built to support different user groups, ranging from producers, compliance schemes and authorities to single carriers, recyclers, and their different tasks. circul8® accommodates various market requirements and grows with the needs of clients and users.

circul8® recognizes that each circular economy participant has their individual needs and provides direct access to their relevant information. Dynamic changes in the collection or supplier network can be smoothly managed. Operation managers are perfectly equipped to manage all activities and to monitor specific KPIs of their collection system. Additionally, circul8® connects with third-party tools, such as mobile apps, sensors or ERP systems and leverages available data in order to intelligently manage collection networks.

circul8® benefits are threefold:

Collection Logistics Management

To support physical take-back and circular material flows, circul8® facilitates an efficient management and tracking of end-to-end material flows across all material types and regions.

It integrates relevant stakeholders such as collection points, carriers, recyclers, producers, authorities, and take-back scheme managers and allows for real-time information exchange through an online portal. Starting with a pick-up order, all activities are instantly logged.

Collection efficiency is supported by the mobile companion app ‘circul8® GO’ to allow real-time logging and tracking and to foster reliability by convenience functions such as navigation support.

Compliance Scheme Management

For producer responsibility organisations (PROs), or compliance schemes, respectively, circul8® provides all means to efficiently manage and balance producer obligations, and to report obligated volumes as well as fulfillment information to authorities.

Moreover, circul8® automates EPR reporting for all material streams and actively drives environmental compliance activities, providing full transparency of all relevant parameters.

Thanks to the holistic overview, compliance scheme managers, producers and authorities are best equipped to safeguard compliance.

EPR Data and Performance Management

circul8® is the perfect tool to assure and actively manage EPR activities for producers on a multi-product and multi-national scale: circul8® integrates and merges product and sales data with regulatory information into a powerful data repository.

Using intelligent queries and data processing, circul8® provides automated product reporting category assignment, calculation of obligated quantities and compliance cost analysis. The system allows for product and cost optimization through data analysis and scenario planning.

Finally, circul8® enables an integrated management of all environmental compliance reporting activities due to its high connectivity with third party data and devices.